Our training philosophy is based on the humane hierarchy and uses positive reinforcement, choice based learning and games. Your dog will have fun while developing their skills and manners.
R.A.D.dog Club
Our unique club is a whole new approach to basic skills and manners training for dogs. See our Membership Club page for more information.
Holistic Fix-It
Do you have a specific problem you need help resolving? This program is designed to get results. Includes the one hour consult, training plan and 3 weeks of follow up email support and video review.
This program is not designed for human or dog aggression, OCD or separation anxiety.
Consult, Training Plan & Follow Up Support $250
Consult & Training Plan $160
Consult only $100
Our puppy program will help you give your new puppy the best start in your home. Develop a bond with your puppy and give them all the tools they need to grow into confident resilient dogs. Our puppy program is part of our R.A.D.dog Club and runs every Saturday morning from 9:30am-10:30am at our facility in Kars. We use a rolling curriculum so you can start the program anytime! You can attend sessions as your schedule allows, it is not necessary to attend each week. You can keep your membership in the club until your puppy is 6 months old, at which point you can transition to one of the adult groups if you’d like to continue training. Each puppy member receives our Puppies! Manual. See our Club page for more information on membership and registration.
Puppy Club Membership (per month) $95
Trick Dog
Our trick training program is operated by R.A.D.dog owner Rebecca Davies. As a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) she is able to evaluate and award titles through the trick titling organization “Do More With Your Dog” (DMWYD).
Trick training is a wonderful way to enrich your dog’s life through mental and physical exercise, and helps develop a great bond between you. Tricks also translate well to useful behaviours (such as for rehab if your dog becomes injured) and help your dog “learn to learn” which makes all other training easier and faster.
There are 6 levels to achieve through DMWYD from Novice to Grand Champion and each level earns your dog a title. Title fees are submitted to DMWYD (see below to see if they are included in each package) and you will receive a certificate and title ribbon in the mail. See link below for requirements for each level.
Requirements for Titles
Online Video Submission (does not include submission fee to DMWYD FREE
In Person Evaluations (includes submission fee to DMWYD) $60

*Prices do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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