Our training philosophy is based on the humane hierarchy and uses positive reinforcement, choice based learning and games. Our training programs are available in your home or virtually.


Dogs IRL
The Dogs In Real Life program is designed to be the only training program you need. We cover 6 key handler skills and 8 essential dog skills that will allow your dog to live comfortably in our human world. You will develop a 2 way communication system with your dog, and learn how to get the behaviour you want, and change the behaviour you don’t. The program is 12 weeks and includes 6 sessions with the trainer, a training/enrichment kit (local clients only) and all material delivered by email. We use a unique flipped classroom approach so you can make the most of your time with the trainer.
Dogs IRL 12 week program $575
Virtual Option (does not include training/enrichment kit) $450
Our puppy program will help you give your new puppy the best start in your home. Develop a bond with your puppy and give them all the tools they need to grow into confident resilient dogs. The program is 4 sessions and includes our Puppies! manual that helps you navigate the first 2 months with your new family member. This program is for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks old.
Puppies! 4 week program $350
Virtual Option $310
Holistic Fix-it
This 4 week program will get you lasting behaviour change. Our Holistic Fix-it program is a unique approach to changing unwanted and nuisance behaviours. We use the Humane Hierarchy to help you work through the issue you are having with your dog, and together we develop a solution that will work for you, your dog and the whole family. We will only deal with one issue during the program, such as greetings, leash manners, counter surfing etc. The basic program includes the initial 1 hour consult, written plan, 4 weeks of email assistance and video review as needed and a final written debrief.
Please note: we do not deal with human or dog aggression, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety or OCD. These issues should addressed with a veterinary behaviourist or a behaviour consultant who specializes in these cases.
Holistic Fix-It Program $250
Additional Virtual Sessions (per 30 minutes) $30

*Prices do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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