Our trick training program is operated by R.A.D.dog owner Rebecca Davies. As a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) she is able to evaluate and award titles through the trick titling organization “Do More With Your Dog” (DMWYD).

Trick training is a wonderful way to enrich your dog’s life through mental and physical exercise, and helps develop a great bond between you. Tricks also translate well to useful behaviours (such as for rehab if your dog becomes injured) and help your dog “learn to learn” which makes all other training easier and faster. Plus you’ll have some neat parlour tricks to show off to guests!

There are 5 levels to achieve through DMWYD from Novice to Champion and each level earns your dog a title. Title fees are submitted to DMWYD (see below to see if they are included in each package) and you will receive a certificate and title ribbon in the mail. See link below for requirements for each level.

Requirements for Titles


Private Package
This package includes two 30 min in-person sessions to plan and work on your tricks and the evaluation. Includes submission fee to DMWYD.
Private package $125
Additional sessions $40
Follow Up Phone Call (15 mins) $15
Unlimited Email Support FREE


Schedule a test day in your home or training facility if you already have your tricks prepared and only need an evaluation. Options for single handler/dog teams or for groups. Includes submission fee to DMWYD.
Private (single dog/handler team) $60
Group (min 4 teams, cost per team) $45


Do you operate a dog training school or club? Would you like to host a fun event for your students/members? Our 2 hour trick workshop includes trick training foundations, demonstrations and lots of practice time for participants on the tricks selected for that workshop (based on participant input). Evaluations available in the last part of the workshop for those participants who are ready to earn their title which includes submission to DMWYD. Cost is per participant
Workshop & Evaluation $65
Workshop Only $30


Online Video Submission
Owner submits video of tricks to R.A.D.dog for evaluation and title confirmation. Owner is responsible to submit application to DMWYD and pay the submission fee for the title.
Video Evaluation FREE

*Prices do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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