Walking is a vital part of your dog’s day. It provides physical, mental and social stimulation. Whether solo or part of a group your dog will benefit greatly from their walk and return home ready to relax.


Group Outing
Your dog will go out with 3-6 other dogs for playtime at a fully enclosed park or on a trail walk. Group outings are 30-45 minutes depending on the weather and activities. Your dog will be out for 1-3 hours including travel time.
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Per Outing $18
Full Week (Mon – Fri) $80
Additional Dog (same household) $10


Private Walk
Your dog will be walked on leash alone (or with his or her housemates) in your neighbourhood. Private walks are 20-30 minutes depending on the dog and the weather.
Consult FREE
Per Walk $20
Full Week (Mon – Fri) $90
Additional Dog (same household) $5


Puppy Visit
Your puppy will be taken outside for a potty break, fed if required, played with, cleaned up after as needed and snuggled if desired. Puppy visits are 15 minutes.
Consult FREE
Per Visit $15
Full Week (Mon – Fri) $70


Potty Break
Your dog will be taken out on leash or let out in your fenced yard long enough to relieve themselves. Potty breaks are up to 10 minutes.
Consult FREE
Per Break $10
Full Week (Mon – Fri) $50
Additional Dog (same household) $5

*Prices do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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